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Tennis thread

I guess you could say it is in the national interest if his exposure adds more to the sponsorship and viewing figures of the tourney? I
Was really intrigued if he was committed enough to the anti vax stance to miss this, looks like by admitting him it will just add to his pantomime villain status!
The final showdown at 9:30am tomorrow morning then. No one comes out of this looking good.

- Tennis Australia should have just told him no, he needs to be vaxxed
- The Government could have denied him his visa initially
- The clam head himself could have completely avoided this situation by either getting vaxxed or just accepting the rules.

The loony anti-vax people were in the streets again today - all 50 of them. I personally don't know a single person in Melbourne who wants him here.
I went to bed at 10.45pm, Nadal was looking like losing in straight sets. After over five hours and finishing at well gone 1am he turned it around. Incredible. He's a fighter Rafa.