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Euro 2024 - The European Football Championship

Don't disagree but does anyone remember how crap Portugal played in most of those games or just that they won it?

Watching the first semi and you have Jenas and everyone purring over it as if it is an instant classic and I'm thinking how far football as entertainment has fallen, this game is decent but nothing amazing (goals apart) but it looks so good because of the constant dross served up and eulogised to sell a product (that is decline). Baseline syndrome where you accept that this is as good as it ever was because people forget/pundits never knew what it was like 30 years ago
First half was very good from Spain. Second half was pretty boring with Spain just contolling it and the French not able to do anything.
speed, mobility and taking shots from outside the box occasionally is the way.

amazing belief in youth in midfield and attack - Yamal,Nico Williams, Pedri and Lopez all around 21 - when there are many older spanish players who could be called up.

this is probably what helps De la Fuente's young team forgo possession football in the midfield and play more direct passes to outlets on the wings. not sure if this strategy would work in a league but it could in an international tournament, where generally experienced (but slower) players are preferred.
So Kane has had continuous pelters from BBC yet the anonymous Mbappe gets another free pass from their so called pundits
The broken nose probably didn't help, but he's had a worse tournament than Kane IMO. Very unimpressed by what I saw from M'bappe, and he admitted it himself as well after last night that he's had a poor tournament.