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The Cricket Thread


Mauricio Taricco
Watching Australia v India, and India are absolutely woeful. Their batting has been atrocious, and David Warner has shown them up with some spectacular shots. He got his 100 from something like 70 balls.
Looking forward to the Eng-Pak series, Ajmal has a flipper ready we hear. Can't wait. Hope Pakistan run riot and avoid cheating this time :rolleyes:
India have never won a test series in Australia, awful travellers, just look like they cant be bothered
In a warm up game yes.

We've just confirmed Michael Vaughan as the guest speaker at my clubs 2012 Sporting Dinner, should be a good night, well it better be for ?ú90.

We tried to get Swann and he agreed in principal to due it depending on 2012 Notts fixtures, turns out he couldn't do it and our date was set in stone.
Michael Vaughan done some godawful adverts over here in Australia last year for an online betting website where he's 'found out' betting against England and for the Aussies. Was woeful, and truly embarrasing.
So all those posts from the Ashes series have disappeared with the board crash? Every cloud ...
Need one good partnership, then see what our bowlers can do. Missed a trick not playing two spinners. I've seen a bigger crowd at a Lancs 2nd XI game.
I cannot believe that Bob Willis bought up the action issue with Ajmal, same guy who said he was the worlds best off spinner when he bowled beautifully against the aussies all of a suddens questions the same action when he happens to clean England up.