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Golf Thread


Johnny nice-tits
The old one seems to have disappeared not sure why

A new year and another win for the world number one, Rory today, wasn't at his best but the tournament was won with his play from thursday-saturday

Had my second lesson of the year yesterday, my posture seems to be causing me a few issues, more weight on the left side and not letting the leg and hip collapse and within 20 balls I was hitting the ball with as good a ball flight as I had ever hit it
I'm annoyed with Matsyuma. He was leading and then 3 putted and was dreadful on the dancefloors after. His birdie putt to force a playoff never looked like going in.
As much as Sky's football coverage annoys me well the pundits and commentators, their golf and cricket coverage is absolutely superb
Bbc golf coverage is brick. Thank GHod sky now have the Open. Awful camera work, awful commentators and presenters who have no clue about modern golf and can only give us opinions from the 1930 to 1990.

Sky have changed the way sport is shown whilst the bbc are still using their archaic methods, MOTD is still in the same format as the early 90s!
It isn't free though, you pay your tv licence for it. But even if you think it's free, most free products are brick - you have to pay to get the good stuff.
So now spring is just around the corner and the golfing juices are starting to rise. I've not hit a ball since October so a few sessions at the range are in order before I let myself loose on the fairways (we live in hope) again but what's our hopes, fears, targets or big days out for this year?
I changed courses afew years back and let my handicap lapse so I want to get it back, I've two rounds at turnberry sorted and hopefully a game at the mere just outside manchester. I just hope my chipping woes of last year have gone.
but what's our hopes, fears, targets or big days out for this year?

In the middle of having lessons to change my swing as I've got into some bad habits, bad posture, grip and swing plane, had 3 so far and things are starting to take shape

I have a sabbatical from work this summer with 7 weeks fully paid off so am going to try and get down to 10 handicap again

Booked myself in for a short game clinic on the 9th May at the Grove too


Really excited about my golfing year ahead
Jeez don't envy you, rebuilt my swing over 2 years after a hernia op and it was brutal. Don't think my posture will ever be right!
Was very briefly down to 10, two medals , before ballooning back to 12. Decided it was going to give me a heart attack so try to be more realisticmand enjoy it more.
No its mega expensive to play, fantastic though, that Pelz short game clinic cost me £250 for6 hours tuition in a max group of 6 plus lunch
Thought it would be pricey being around London and all.
That's not a bad deal for the lessons package though. be interesting in hearing what you think of it.
Pelz is argueably the best short game coach in the game, now I know he won't be coaching me but you would think people working for him would be up to scratch