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Glory-Glory Member Location Map ***Updated***

Re: Glory-Glory Member Location Map

Hahaha! No I didn't. Hartlepool has it's own Spurs supporters' Club though, I saw them at an away game at the Smogs a few years ago...

yeah I believe it was a bunch of those Spurs supporters that were playing in it. They invited me to play, loads of flags and everything, was quite surreal seeing something like that up here tbh!
Re: Glory-Glory Member Location Map

any compouter whizzes worked out how to embed the map yet?

got this HTML code :

<iframe frameborder=0 style='width:100%;height:500px;' src='http://www.zeemaps.com/pub?group=582830'> </iframe>
Re: Glory-Glory Member Location Map

OP has been updated with an embedded version of the map. those of you who haven't already added your location can now do so directly on the forum, rather than going through the Zeemaps website.