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Victimpool FC - Klopp leaving, grown men crying

Arsenal could well win it this year with 89. No they’re not as good as City and Liverpool were a couple of years ago (97-100 points level) but they probably won’t need to be to win the league either this year or next. I don’t see City back at that level in the near future.

I’d still back city to win it next season but Arsenal will challenge them for sure. City will most likely identify they need to tighten up their defence and make improvements in that area. Will be interesting to see what happens with Haaland if they don’t win it this season as they’ve scored plenty of goals without him recently.
Anyone worried about how Slot will do at Liverpool?

More worried about Arsenal. Liverpool are still in transition with Van Dijk and Salah coming towards the end of their time at Liverpool. I think they’ll be top 4 but don’t see them challenging for the title. CL is another matter. They know how to win that competition even when they’re not the best team in their own country let alone Europe.

Not many ex Liverpool players I'd say this about, but hope this isn’t as serious as sounds.
Always came across as a good guy, even when at Liverpool.

Agreed. The way the news broke made it sound extremely serious. But nothing further 24 hours later is hopefully a good sign.

As well as being an excellent player, he and Lawro were good analysts for many years, until they became almost parodies of themselves in later years.