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Pushing Up The Daisies - 2023

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers scared the life out of me as a kid watching.
Enjoyed him The Eagle has Landed and of course, Kelly's Heroes.
Simpsons episode as Horace Hurlbut, curator of the Springfield museum is great also.
Speaking of; I was just thinking the other day about those famous actors who are getting older, with Jack Nicholson being one of them. He's 87 now and has already retired from acting.

Pacino 84, Hopkins 86, Morgan Freeman 87, Michael Caine 91, Gene Hackman 94, Eastwood 94, Robert Duvall 93, Hoffman 86, Harrison Ford 82...there's a lot of big names and great actors nearing the end.

What’s worrying about this, I guess, is how it reminds you of your own mortality. These are mostly actors who I remember (through the movies) as grown men in their 30s or 40s - adults, but not old people. And now they're crumbling too.

Anyways, very slightly off topic. RIP Shelley Duvall. What a great movie that was. And it's almost 45 years old. :oops: