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  1. El Guepardo

    Micky van de Ven

    Really don’t understand why he’s not starting for the Netherlands today. He’s better than both Ake and deVrij
  2. El Guepardo

    Europa League 23/24

    You mean like a couple of seasons ago? When we beat Arsenal to top 4? This is a new era, things have changed.
  3. El Guepardo

    Europa League 23/24

    Why are people talking about what happens if we finish 5th? We’ll finish 4th. We should aim higher than that but realistically 4th is most likely.
  4. El Guepardo

    Pedro Porro

    Another great performance yesterday. So much confidence and ability. Gets stuck in, works hard for the team and has great attitude. And to think there were those of us that questioned whether he could be successful in a team managed by Postecoglou. He’s been excellent and keeps being so.
  5. El Guepardo

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa ***

    Villa made a big mistake of only playing a two man central midfield. That meant that they lost control of the midfield as we outnumbered them and passed around them. So instead of playing through the middle, all they could do was hit long balls which we comfortably swept up through the match...
  6. El Guepardo

    OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Palace

    We should give Lankshear a go if Richarlison is out. He’s been playing well this season and has scored fastest hattrick at the stadium. So would be good if he’s at least included in the squad.
  7. El Guepardo

    *** Official Film Thread ***

    Dune 2 is excellent. Watched the midnight premiere last night/this morning. I will have to watch a second time to make sure I picked up on everything as it was a late one for the double bill. Incidentally, I thought that Dune was excellent and better than I had thought it to be first time around.
  8. El Guepardo

    Lucas Bergvall

    Looks a great prospect. Whether he can do all that in the Premier League we will have to wait and see. But encouraging signs.
  9. El Guepardo

    The Official 2023/24 Premier League Thread

    Villa 3-2 Forest. Come on Forest, complete the three goal comeback! Would be a huge result if Villa let a three goal lead drop. Not only for points but also morale.
  10. El Guepardo

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers ***

    is it fair to say that the next two weeks is Ange’s biggest test with us so far? How can he reinvigorate us? How can he get us back to attacking play which is good on the eyes and gets us the points?
  11. El Guepardo

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers ***

    We won’t get top 4. We perform under the sum of all parts and I was an idiot to think that we were in the title race. We’re not even close. Yesterday was awful. Devoid of energy, passion, idea and yet aside from Udogie and Porro we had our first team available and looked awful. I think we...
  12. El Guepardo

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers ***

    Pedro Porro and Udogie are essential for the way we play. They don’t play and we don’t look as good.
  13. El Guepardo

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers ***

    Is the Exchange the best way to get a ticket for this?
  14. El Guepardo

    The Goon Thread

    Feels like it but we have to hope it wasn’t a sign of things to come.
  15. El Guepardo

    The Goon Thread

    I did. Yes. West Ham have a good recent record against Arsenal given the expectations of the two clubs. West Ham have players in Bowen and Kudus that can make a significant difference in any match plus with Ward-Prowse there set pieces can usually be dangerous. Arsenal could have been too...
  16. El Guepardo

    The Goon Thread

    Tanked isn’t a true reflection of the match itself. West Ham weren’t as poor as the score is suggested. Onana has been staring to perform nearer to the levels that people would have expected from him in recent weeks. He made a couple of key saves earlier against McGinn and Watkins and maybe...
  17. El Guepardo

    The Goon Thread

    I, as well as so many others, was sure that it would happen today but the reality was as far removed from that that it’s possible to be. Makes me question whether I am massively underrating them. I hope not only because I thought Arsenal were significantly overhyped and over excited after one...
  18. El Guepardo

    *** TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Brighton OMT ***

    It was poor but that made the end result key. If we hadn’t got that then there would likely be meltdown on here by some. Instead we get the three points and hope that next weekend we can find more fluidity and raise our game as we need to be better than we were today. We have the players back...
  19. El Guepardo

    *** TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Brighton OMT ***

    I deleted my post as as soon as I posted we scored the winner 🤣. So my jinx worked! I do think that we played poorly considering and we need to step it up next weekend. We need to be getting good performances and results in now especially with our home fixtures or we will drop key points.
  20. El Guepardo

    Rule changes in football

    But my point was that yes, they will do that but if they’re winning then they can do that anyway. At least if they have had a player sent to the sin bin then they’ll have one less player to defend.