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  1. FatBloke

    Radu Drăgușin

    That'll be at least 30 Hail GHoddles for such blasphemy. The modern day Ledley. Or possibly Dier.
  2. FatBloke

    Getting silly now.

    While I agree with the sentiment, this isn't strictly true. I was in Da Nang (big town on the coast of central Vietnam) last summer and it was full of Chinese people, many of whom were there to gamble. You're allowed to gamble if you've got a foreign passport, so there are a few massive casinos...
  3. FatBloke

    Tanguy Ndombele

    Quite. Too many of our big signings around that period failed on the mental aspect rather than ability. Lo Celso and Sessegnon as well -- nothing wrong with their ability, just lacking some sort of edge psychologically that would have made them excellent players for our club. In my head this...
  4. FatBloke

    Son Heung-Min

    I'm going to wax slightly lyrical as I've been drinking, but I can't think of many players in my Spurs supporting life (since 1990) who I've been prouder to see wearing our shirt. Or our shinnies. Sonny bleeds blue and white. Our club means so much to him. He's up there with Ledley, Mabbs and...
  5. FatBloke

    RIP Jimmy Greaves.

    A Prima Ballerina cross?! Sounds more like Drogba. Outrageous!
  6. FatBloke

    The Nu-Mour-Conts Era

    Good point about the dip not being too bad -- but a large part of that was, as @Baleforce pointed out, mitigated against by the Kane-Son partnership. Goals win matches. I would argue that we can't include Vicario, Dragusin, Maddison and Johnson as part of the No-Mour-Conts period. It's a bit...
  7. FatBloke

    The Nu-Mour-Conts Era

    Mour-Conts-Nu, surely? Ah, now I see what you did there. Nice. I think all of us could see the decline of Pochettino's side in the 2018-19 season, despite making it to the CL final (and therefore arguably being the club's most successful season in recent history). Then there was that truly...
  8. FatBloke

    Pedro Porro

    Whoever does get picked at RB for Spain should count himself bloody lucky that Argentina isn't in Europe.
  9. FatBloke

    Radu Drăgușin

    Yeah, I've been trying to forget last November too.
  10. FatBloke

    *** Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea OMT ***

    I sense a season-defining performance from an attacking player tonight. Hopefully it's Richi or Kulu rather than Mudryk or Jackson.
  11. FatBloke

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC ***

    These spots wind me up so bloody much. All Gallagher ever does is spout flimflams reasons to back up his referee mates. Okay, those two cases were marginal, but I'd love to see what he said for Kulu's penalty shout or indeed the push on Romero before he hit the post. But what winds me up even...
  12. FatBloke

    Ben Davies

    Easily said, but Davies had just sprinted back to engage Saka. A mistake, sure, but if we had a few others tracking back with more urgency, perhaps VdV would have been able to engage Saka as well, and hopefully block the shot, rather than having to cover the pass back and getting stuck in no...
  13. FatBloke

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC ***

    Yeah, fair enough. I'm hungover and upset. Guess I'm thinking more of the Saudi Sportswashing Machine and Fulham games. Even Saka's goal mightn't have happened if not for the penalty shouts being a distraction.
  14. FatBloke

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC ***

    Have we been found out? Is it really that so many of our players are off-form (or injured), or is it just that our opponents have done their homework and figured out how to hurt us? Is Ange's system coming undone now that he's playing it against the best teams in world football? I'd have...
  15. FatBloke

    *** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal FC ***

    Sadly, I think Gentle Ben could spend double that and it wouldn't make any difference. That sounds overly negative, but what I mean is that his footballing intelligence is about as good as it gets -- he takes up good positions, knows when to attack, and so on. The problem is that, physically...
  16. FatBloke

    Cann we?

    Well, I guess we'll need 4th for CL then. On the up-side, Arsenal aren't going to win Big Cup and Emirates Marketing Project don't have to worry about fixture congestion.
  17. FatBloke

    Manor Solomon

    I'm with you on that one. IIRC, Solomon has had just one injury since he signed for us. It's just that it was a fairly severe one and he's taking longer than expected to heal. I'm not going to label him as a sicknote just yet.
  18. FatBloke

    Pape Matar Sarr

    gonad*s. Realised I'd forgotten Keane, decided to add Gerrard too, and didn't update the number.
  19. FatBloke

    Pape Matar Sarr

    If he's half the player that Vieira was, we'll be doing well. Much as it pains me to say it, late-Vieira Arsenal was one of the best teams the Premier League has seen. He was one half of a 2-man midfield pairing that dominated Prem midfields, often playing against a 3. Is it fair to say that he...
  20. FatBloke

    Radu Drăgușin

    Okay, I thought he was on just after the second goal, but it seems not. Subbed on at 49 minutes, 50 the first goal, 53 the second, 65 the McGinn red. Still, he'd have had a much tougher last half hour against 11 men.