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  1. johnola

    Ange’s system / formation

    To jump in….Most of us would have said below Chelsea and United…!
  2. johnola

    So, what happened today?

    Just discovered the Arte streaming service on the telly. Why has nobody told me about this ?!
  3. johnola

    Bundesliga Bonestroker Thread

    Dodgy as.
  4. johnola

    Can someone explain to me 20mph speed limits...

    Could be your lane.
  5. johnola

    Financial Fair Play

    I wonder what Gallaghers price will be at 11pm on June 30th.
  6. johnola

    Financial Fair Play

    So if Chelsea were able to book hotel profit against psr then so will we when ours is built, right? Oh and profits from the residential development too right? Not that we need to.
  7. johnola

    The Cricket Thread

    Kookaburra ball has been thrashed about this weekend. Many centurions already, plenty of double centurions and of course a triple last weekend. Every game into the fourth day with much to be done.
  8. johnola

    Can someone explain to me 20mph speed limits...

    They’ll still have to change lanes.
  9. johnola

    The Official 2023/24 Premier League Thread

    would not be surprised if City end up with a superior goal difference too.
  10. johnola

    Sick sick world what is wrong with people

    What is it with McDonald’s customers and littering. They should mark all their wrappers up with a picture and name of the person who bought it so they are forced to disposed of it properly.
  11. johnola

    Welcome Ange: To Dare is to Didgeridoo

    Tried but stopped at “Little England” and into the bin it goes.
  12. johnola

    Can someone explain to me 20mph speed limits...

    And if there is an obstacle in the lane they are in you are condemning them to a collision.
  13. johnola

    Can someone explain to me 20mph speed limits...

    I had a year driving with the black box telematics and am much better for it. I drive like a chauffeur with comfort in mind.
  14. johnola

    Can someone explain to me 20mph speed limits...

    The gap is also there to permit cars to change lanes.
  15. johnola

    Ange’s system / formation

    Worth mentioning we have only played what, three competitive cup games - and the next two games are unlikely to yield a bountiful supply of points.
  16. johnola

    Ange’s system / formation

    My tolerance of any of our managers is much greater than that of Levy. I’ve long been an advocate of enduring cycles of feast and famine to benefit from lessons learned. We have had both in Postecoglu season one. What we will get in season two is something to be excited about: Will Postecoglu...
  17. johnola

    ***TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Saudi Sportswashing Machine OMT***

    COYS. We will get back on top and make it pay.
  18. johnola

    What’s everyone reading?

    Am into the fifth of Patrick O’Brians Aubrey- Maturin series. Can do about one a week.
  19. johnola

    Two players from Spurs history that would make us champions

    Graham Souness and then any one of our world class departures, Modric, Kane, Bale or Berbatov possibly even Carrick or Walker. We’d need a few of these at their best if you ask me.