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  1. ace1882

    ***TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Wolves OMT***

    To be honest most of the blame needs to go the managers way, I know he has his philosophy and playing style.. But this is not Scotland or Japan.. when you are winning away from home with half your team missing, you cannot just keep chasing games ..its suicide in this league and he quickly needs...
  2. ace1882


    Come on, stop being silly.....the boys on we are tottenham tv are reporting on it.. Plus let's be honest, the club quite often cheap out, like in the summer. We all knew this squad was not good enough
  3. ace1882


    It was the boys on we are tottenham tv mate
  4. ace1882


    They...the club mate
  5. ace1882


    Oh dear...maddison and vdv not back until 2024... also just heard that they are saying there will not be much money to spend in January either !!! Really, that cannot be true..surely ?
  6. ace1882

    ***TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Chelsea OMT***

    I'm new , but glad to be here.. I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to feel about last night ? I'm angry to loose 4-1 to that lot, I hate loosing to them. Also was irritated at the way we just kept going after them with only 9 on the pitch, it was inevitable they would score eventually, but then...
  7. ace1882

    Up for the cup

    Up for the cup