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    The transfer thread

    Neither Davies nor Royal have looked comfortable at fullback in this system and both represent massive drop offs from the first team. 2 may be wishful thinking but I'd be shocked if we didn't sign at least one player as backup/competition who could play both LB and RB. In attack we look like...
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    Timo Werner

    For all his faults (i.e. just finishing) Werner is a bargain at 15m I'd happily sell Solomon for 5-10m and bring Werner in with a view to signing a proper left-footed left winger as well (or at least an exceptional dribber like nico Williams, Summerville, etc.) We're also clearing 180kpw of...
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    Timo Werner

    Vinicius would be wasted in this system, he needs space to come in and attack. Much like son, he wouldn't get that coming in from the left Not that we have a hope in hell of signing him :sweatsmile:
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    Brennan Johnson

    He put in a couple of peaches from the right and unfortunately no one was there to meet them. His movement for his goal was fantastic as well He's really settling into this system wonderfully and we could do with another option there to provide something similar from the bench/when he...
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    **** OMT Tottenham Hotspur v West Ham United ****

    Son is second only to King in my list of all-time favourite Spurs players* but I have to agree that he isn't the answer in the long term, unfortunately our squad is nowhere near good enough to be upgrading on him as a priority I do wonder if Richarlison is fully fit, ideally he could have come...
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    The transfer thread

    I doubt it's a priority. We need as a priority: - Two full backs - DM - Left-footed left winger Then: - CB (Phillips?) - Right winger (with kulu deputising for maddison) Then we could look at further competition at: - AM (replacement for GLC/competition for maddison/kulu - Devine?) - CM...
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    Yves Bissouma

    I'm not sure his passing range is the biggest issue. He's erratic on the ball and the consistency of the rest of his game has not made up for that, on balance, over this season. That being said he was bloody terrific at the start of this season so I still hold out hope. Worth getting some...
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    The transfer thread

    Ciro Immobile is one of the great Serie A forwards of the modern era but was completely incapable whenever he moved abroad. I'm not convinced that Lautaro Martinez is anything more than a skinny Higuain.
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    Manor Solomon

    We will still make a healthy profit on him when we sell him, which was surely the entire point.
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    Cann we?

    For all the well-intentioned (and generally correct) "Ange gets it" chat it has to be understood that he's playing the media and surely he is not so ignorant to think that getting into the CL would not be a massive boon for his/our project. Which isn't to say that pretending in press...
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    Welcome Ange: To Dare is to Didgeridoo

    This is the attitude that fueled the north/everywhere apart from London being deprioritised politically by the UK government. It's why we've committed this absolutely tragic act of national self harm that is Brexit and it's not a productive way to operate any group of people when you take a big...
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    ***TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs Luton OMT***

    He's always been brick.
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    I get the logic behind a three of Bellingham, Maddison and Rice. But the counterargument is that it wastes Bellingham as he doesn't get as much license to attack. "What they do at their club" leaves Rice horribly exposed against any decent team.
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    West ham is his level.
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    Thought this was an interesting POV to counterbalance all of the negativity around Southgate/Maguire/Henderson
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    James Maddison

    Some cracking responses here: https://www.planetfootball.com/quick-reads/james-maddison-roast-dinners-main-man-quote-tottenham-england-funniest-responses
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    Harry Kane MBE

    Jokes the psychodrama that this transfer has triggered
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    Tanguy Ndombele

    Never bought this argument, his movement and hold up play was vital in Bale scoring 26 goals that season.
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    Micky van de Ven

    That's the 'istory of the juventus
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    U23s, Academy and Loanees

    Who are the other 2, out of interest?